Nike Golf 2016 Just Did It

Nike golf announce that they will stop making and selling clubs, balls and golf bags but focus more on their soft goods business in golf. 

This means we are still going to see a very strong showing if not stronger than ever of the Nike brand across the world tours. As the biggest sports brand turns its full attention to what it has always done best, clothes, shoes and marketing. 
The big question that many now ask is what happens to their two big signings in Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. At the time of writing this post Tiger is still NOT playing on or in any tour events due to injury but still is very much in many golfers minds. 

I see this move as only a positive one for Nike as I have always believed that trying to sell a brand that many think as a trainers brand to the wonderful world of golf was always going to be a huge struggle. Golfers are stubborn, often stuck in a very single minded mind set and not open to new or change. This is often referred to as tradition where I see it often as a huge restriction in our great game. 

So I guess one of the most recognisable brands on the planet have decided to take their own advice and have “Just done it” at the end of the day this is the golf industry and business is business. 


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  • This is not a view at all but barely stating what is in the press. What are the losses of the golf dept? Market share? Quality of product? New entrants such as PXG?

    • “I see this move as only a positive one for Nike as I have always believed that trying to sell a brand that many think as a trainers brand to the wonderful world of golf was always going to be a huge struggle. Golfers are stubborn, often stuck in a very single minded mind set and not open to new or change. This is often referred to as tradition where I see it often as a huge restriction in our great game.” – that reads like someone’s view to me….twonk!

  • Adam Raynham says:

    Oh. It seemed like there was going to more of this article and more to this article. You literally could have posted that on Facebook. Still traffic is traffic. Right? I won’t be rushing back here.

  • Marcus Bishop says:

    In reply to the two previous posts. There really isnt anything to say about it is there? What do you want ten thousand words on what it really means to the golfing world that Nike arent making clubs anymore? Or postulating on what clubs Rory or Tiger might use next? Its not as if Tiger is actually playing at the moment and Rory doesnt even use itons from their current range. Most likely they will both go back to using Titleist.

    As a life long Nike fan, never having bought another brand of trainer or sports clothing, I see this as only a good thing for golf, they can now solely concentrate on delivering the best shoes and clothing in the market and do this they will. I can now see a lot of the top golfers wearing Nike equipment in the near future.

    Keep delivering great content Mark. #NikeMyGolfUp

      • Ricky Donnelly says:

        It’s not exactly usual shit from Crossfield. There’s nothing more that can be said about it really. He’s a golf writer blogger so he kind of has to put something about it on here but what else can be said?

      • Neil, If there is so much “rubbish” here and you don’t like that why not skip this site in a the future? You weren’t really forced to come here now were you?! 😉

  • I think that if Rory had won the last 4 majors and Tiger was still around -it wouldn’t have been an issue for NIke, as sales would have been a quantum higher.

    Unfortunatley Rory missing 2 cuts doesnt help the brand, and forward orders ( and profit) so it doesnt’ surprize me that they’ve just taken this decision.

    Today is the Olymcs so the news will not be as high profile

    Punters are fickle but many just buy what the most iconic and succesful Pro uses. Hard facts – when Rory is miss-firing sales fall.

    The golf industry isnt making alot of money – lots of golf clubs up for sale, so higher green fees and mebership charges just to survive, Taylormade were up for sale (and sister brands) and it was rumoured adidas were also considering less involvement in Golf.

    I think we need to hype up Golf- more of you, Locky – Paige, Matt Fitzpatrick, Ian Poulter, Nick Faldo/Leadbetter / great instruction from all the greats but on TV, (I didnt like golf juice – you can do better)?
    More Golf channel, more Holly Sanders, One direction, Paige S et al.

    We need faster play – ( last week I did a 5 hr round behind a 4 ball with my son ( they had 2 buggies) 3 groups waiting behind them – for a 14 year old waiting on every tee is just not on !
    We need to attrct more people to golf:
    less stuffy golf clubs – why so many clothing rules -shorts with pockets not allowed urgh, denim materia ( not even grey),socks other than white with shorts, jackets in the bar etc etc.

    We need lower costs for junior lessons, lower costs at driving ranges, music allowed (not too loud) – if its good for Rory , Spieth and the boys why not for us

    Generally this is really bad news for Golf as Nike is asociated with youth, sport, colour, winning ! All the things Gold needs !

  • Mark,
    Do you think the extra money Nike will now be putting into the development of their golf clothing and footwear department is in direct correlation to you choosing Pumas jobbie catcher and high top combo rather than the Nike offering of ‘what the hell’ collar and big swoosh clown shoe look?

  • Why all the negativity, if you don’t like the content – jog on, simple lol

    I never expected Nike to compete in the equipment area for that long – surely the worrying part here is that along with Nike, Aididas are looking to sell their various equipment brands off too; Taylormade etc – if two of the biggest names in sporting goods (and surely Taylormade especially have been paying their way lately?) can’t keep up the profits to want to stay in golf – who can?

  • Why should we care? Too much emphasis on equipment manufacturers, as if they were the most important aspect of the game. Even the R&A and USGA are s..t scared of upsetting them!

    Paying Rory $200M or whatever to play a brand and as a consequence, convince punters to pay for overpriced funky looking equipment that is no better than brands that have struggled to survive like Letters, MD Golf, Adams, Hogan etc, is obscene IMLO.

    Let the pros earn their living primarily from winnings [ Ping and Titleist are examples ] and encourage them to use equipment that they actually like the best. Look at some of the existing pros; eg KJ Choi Miura, Furyk 4 year old model out of production irons, Stenson 5 year old Seniors iron heads, to name a few.

    Ta Ta Nike, your “marketing model” and ugly lopsided logo wont be missed by me and many others I suspect. Have a nice day, y’ hear?

  • Personally I think their is a bigger picture being missed as Mark says what can one say don’t think loosing another club manufacturer is the issue at all, let’s get real adidas, Taylormade etc. attempting a pull out also. The bigger issue is why are they pulling out. In my opinion I think the times of whole families of weekend golfers is dwindling and their are so many kids that would rather play golf and other games on the tv screen instead of going to the course. Sad but true public golf with sometimes rediculous greens fees stuffy rules in general and many other issues in modern times is also getting less and Less share of the market and let’s face it ultimately this is the true base of all golf.

  • I think nike tried making clubs like they do clothes, new, fashionable and all that stuff. Golfers prefer a nice discreet, yet beautiful, looking equipment.

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