Titleist 716 Irons AP1 AP2 CB MB

Titleist 716 Irons AP1 AP2 CB MB. Mark Crossfield PGA professional hits the 716 Titleist iron range and shows you how close these irons are across the range. See what iron might suit your game and how much it might come down to a fitting as well as looks when choosing your next Titleist iron.


3 comments on “Titleist 716 Irons AP1 AP2 CB MB

  • I’d be interested to see your review of the T-mb 6 iron as well. It’s titleist’ only all new club this year.

  • Taylor Kuykendall says:

    I’m a 5 handicap. Better than average ball stricker and my question is this is there anything I can gain buy gaming the 716 MBs. I ask this because I am an avid player but the cavity backs iv been using for the past couple of years have always seemed a little too offset. My second question. Is there any advantage/ disadvantage to offset/non offset golf clubs?

  • rod maxwell says:

    I play mixed set . Cbs p-7. Ap2 5-6 and t mb 4 iron. Hcp is 2 . Ilike the t mb best of all. Would like to go all t mb but would like to see your review first as t mb is quite pricey.


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