Golf Swing Weekly Fix Top 3 Driver Tips

Golf Swing Weekly Fix Top 3 Driver Tips. Mark Crossfield PGA professional helps with some great tips to improve your driving. Ideas from set up to downswing thoughts, also hitting that allusive 300yard drive isn’t all that it is made out to be! Improve your game with these simple and easy to follow tips.


3 comments on “Golf Swing Weekly Fix Top 3 Driver Tips

  • Mark I hit my driver 230 ish (metres) my problem is I can hit my 3w 215-20(and a lot straighter)Should I have a bigger gap between clubs? I have been fitted for my clubs.

  • Great tips thanks Mark,i am high handicapper i was rubbish with irons but ok with driver i had a couple of lessons on irons change of posture was key which greatly helped but now find i. can’t hit my driver since is this common

  • Great work putting forth easy to understand and implement swing tweaks. I’m anxious to practice these and get my fairway finder swing back. Your segments are usually spot on and this one is no exception. Thank for helping an average golfer enjoy the game more


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