Golf Swing Weekly Fix Strong Grip Live Lesson

Golf Swing Weekly Fix Strong Grip Live Lesson. Mark Crossfield PGA professional gives a real student a lesson for you to watch where he talks about the students grip and how we could improve his delivery. Marks live live lessons are a great way to see how real measured facts can help a student understand their feelings to improve there golf games.


4 comments on “Golf Swing Weekly Fix Strong Grip Live Lesson

  • Hi Mark,
    I’ve watched so many videos on youtube and I noticed that whenever all you guys are on the tee that you tell the others who are playing with you to pick up the ball when their ball is quite close to the hole. But when you’re playing and have just missed the the hole you still carry on by putting the ball in. How do you manage that. I do like your sense of humour. but there are certain things I don’t like. Like that’
    Sorry if i’m making a meal of it.

    Regards Tony

  • Mark, its time you RE DO your golf studio with a better look!> 🙂 Outstanding communication! Amazing how you get them to “FEEL” the real!

    Keep it up!

  • Jim Burnham says:

    This is really interesting Mark but do ever look at seniors and they face . With mobility correct choice of club especially the woods for older golf . Great videos Mark many thanks Jim

  • Mark, why dont we see training videos in first person (ie. camera looking from where your eyes are) as opposed to infront of or behind. Strong vs weak grip is a good example of where id like to see how when looking down the stronger grip, shaft lean, face angle should all sit for dofferent shot types. This could be applied to most fundamental videos. Just a thought. Ben


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