#360Show Custom Fitting

#360Show Custom Fitting. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks custom fitting. In this weeks #360Show Mark offers you advice on what you should be looking for when going for a custom fit and answers some of your questions on the topic from the #AskAGG hashtag.


3 comments on “#360Show Custom Fitting

  • Hi Mark,
    Consider having some spare clubhead handy on your desk for illustrating impact. Pencils don’t work.
    Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  • Hi mark
    Looking at getting a fitting for my irons(Willson staff D100) don’t want to change them, just need someone to see if they are at the correct for me or they need tweaking.i.e shortening as i am one 5’5″.
    I feel i hit them ok but not sure i am getting the most out of them.
    If you feel this could be of benefit to me how much would it cost to do 6 irons.
    Many thanks and keep up the youtube with coach, the banter is class, with some entertaining golf thrown in the mix.
    Kind regards


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