Luke Donald Takes On Mark Crossfield

Luke Donald Takes on Mark Crossfield. Mark Crossfield takes on the the former Worlds Number 1 golfer in the world, European and PGA tour player and winner. Filmed at Billingbear Park Golf Course, watch as Mark battles it out with one of the UK’s best tour winners. Filmed thanks to Mizuno Golf with the help of Matthew Lockey on the commentary, this is a fun and educational set of golf videos for all golfers.


One comment on “Luke Donald Takes On Mark Crossfield

  • Love watching these matches. Mark, you hit a lot of pulls during live play. Probably because you’re trying to give it a little extra becaus you’re not confident you have the distance-not technical. Maybe trust your swing a bit more and you’ll stop jerking all your irons to the left.

    Luke Donald’s swing is awesome. I think the Brits are more technically proficient than us Americans because they have a more consistent and long-term youth developmental model. In the states we push competition so much do that the players who rise to the top are either the extremely gifted players (Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson) or extreme competitors (Jordan Spieth, Patrick Reed). Every once in awhile we get a Tiger Woods who is both. However, you’re going to see a lot of quirky and individualistic swings out of the Americans and way more consistency out the Brits. Maybe one reason why you fare better in the Ryder Cup and we do better in individual events.


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