Drop Off Distance Blade v Cavity Back

Drop Off Distance Blade v Cavity Back by PGA professional Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark tests if there is a big difference between a blade compared to a cavity back. Is the craze of MOI all it is made out to be. Play your best golf with the best equipment for your golf game.


8 comments on “Drop Off Distance Blade v Cavity Back

  • I play Titleist 714 AP1 (1/2″ long 2ยบ up) at the moment, got them when I took up the game 2 years ago, my game has changed a lot (24 to 14hcp) and I hit the MP25’s (1/2″ long std lie) on a monitor against my AP1 7i, the MP25 7i was blowing past my AP1 (175 v’s 187) and the 6i was going 203 when I hit is pure. but I’m was unsure if I’d get the forgiveness I need. ( I was swing well that day, I don’t always!!) This really helps, thanks! If I can get to a 13, the MP25’s will be my reward!

  • Paul Evans says:

    Interesting video in that it challenges old assumptions etc. That is what I love about your approach to the game of golf and golf equipment. I realize you attempted a toe strike with each iron and the difference was insignificant. I wonder, though, how dispersion and distance would look for a high handicapper like myself who hits the ball all over the club face. Would be interesting to see a high handicapper hit ten shots with each iron.

  • Mark, Could you at some stage do a test of any single iron, say a 5 iron with a steel shaft of your choice, [ any old iron, any old iron as the song goes ] plus a fairway wood with a graphite shaft; logging 15 solid swings with each, then removing the shafts, getting them both spine aligned or “Pured”, then repeating the test with the same clubs; comparing the four results.

    Spine aligning or Puring, or both, up to you.

    Then, if there is an advantage in dispersion/flight/spin/whatever, could you comment on this PLUS the fact that modern Driver and some fairway wood adjustment systems rely on rotating the hosel around the shaft to obtain variations to loft/lie/face angle.

  • Really interesting this, I would like to see this test replicated with a mid and a higher handicapper, just to see if the numbers were similar.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this test – for me blades give a much better feel/sound/consistency over cavity backed clubs. I’ve used blades virtually from the off playing golf and I really wouldn’t changed.

    I was fitted for MP5 and brought a hybrid set using MP-H5’s in the lower irons including a 1 iron – if I were doing it again I’d stick to all MP5’s as they feel fantastic.
    As do the MP4’s I got to use for a while!

  • Less difference than what I would have thought. As others mentioned, it would be interesting to see a comparison with mid to high handicappers. I think the difference would be more pronounced.

    I will say I like blades, but being left-handed the choices are limited (Titleist or Titleist)

  • Mark Im a 14 handicapper currently playing Ping G irons and have never experienced such easy clubs to hit with loads of distance. The issue is inconsistent yardages leave me uncertain about iron choice during a round. Would a change to forged help with more accurate yardages? Im considering the mizuno 900 forged.

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