Callaway XR16 Sub Zero Driver

Callaway XR16 Sub Zero Driver reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru and Steve Buzza. Hitting the low spinning Sub Zero XR16 Callaway driver, talking about feel, sound and performance. In this full review I show you my numbers along with Steve Buzza’s numbers to show you what this club might do for your golf game.


2 comments on “Callaway XR16 Sub Zero Driver

  • Great review Mark. Do you have any plans to review the 2016 Srixon Z355 Driver with so called “Action Mass” technology? I would be very interested to see whether you believe that the heavier head / counter balanced shaft concept would help amateurs who struggle with the current fad of superlight drivers where there is little feel for where the club head is during the swing. This has always been an issue for me personally and it’s why I use a heavier and shorter 3 wood off the tee currently where I find the sweet spot more often than with long and light drivers. I am interested in this new heavier driver head concept and whether your testing provides any change to the feel of your swing compared to the “light brigade”. I believe the new XXI0 driver uses similar technology to the Z355. Perhaps an opportunity for a direct comparison? Budget Srixon vs Premium XXI0?


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