Does Slope Effect Your Golf Shots

Does Slope Effect Your Golf Shots. This is a test with my Bushnell Tour Slope range finder. See how good we are at using and judging slope with out the unit. This is a on course real time golf lesson that can help many golfers improve their game.


5 comments on “Does Slope Effect Your Golf Shots

  • Great insight. Do you think that the pro’s should be able to use rangefinders in tournament play to speed up club selection and pace of play? I think slope should still be the caddies job to figure out however using a laser in play would cut the amount of ‘chat’ between player and caddy as this does filter into the minds of young golfers who think 5 hours for a 3 ball is acceptable in tournament conditions

  • Mark Randall says:

    The word ‘effect’ in your title is wrong; it should be affect. Effect is a noun, whereas affect is a verb. Great website, by the way.


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