Paige Spiranac Golf Swing Analysis

Paige Spiranac Golf Swing. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks about Paige’s golf swing and what we can learn from her action. She is a talented golfer with speed and power along with good club head control.

Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, Paige Spiranac is an aspiring LPGA Tour professional. After a college golf career at San Diego State University, she became “Instagram famous” after posting pictures and videos of her workouts, her golf game, and her everyday life.

Today, Mark Crossfield takes a look at her golf swing and explores what she does well.

Paige has just started working with a new coach. What you’ll see when watching her hit balls is a tremendous amount of movement throughout her swing. Her head dips, something similar to what you’ll see with Tiger Woods, and by placing a line on her head during her swing you’ll see this visibly.

Paige starts her setup with a very strong grip. Throughout the swing, this grip correlates to where the club head travels throughout the swing. A “shut” club face is what you’ll see throughout her backswing. This gives her leverage to create speed.

Down and through impact, Crossfield notices what many people don’t. He notices a drive of her body upward, despite the dipping of her head. This drive up sends the club head working “up” through impact and moving out to the right.

Her entire golf swing is set-up to hit a draw and maximize her distance. Given her athletic ability, she is able to create this level of speed and movement while still being under control. She is able to rotate her body into a nice, athletic follow-through and finish.


Crossfield concludes that Paige Spiranac’s golf swing has a lot going for it. He loves the athleticism displayed throughout her motion. He notes that he delivery is a “very skilled,” one contradicting the instructors that are advocates of certain positions.

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16 comments on “Paige Spiranac Golf Swing Analysis

  • Gary Donnelly says:

    Still love her swing you can see its all power and with her gymnastics background she’s able to get that rotation

  • I don’t like her swing as it is too long and loose. Okay at her age but long term it’s a train wreck. I particularly don’t like her right foot action. She over loads her right Mpt / big toe joint before /at impact and this is quietly doing damage. I’m
    Not a pro or doctor but I have experienced this injury through swinging hard and people telling my swing us great yet no one focused on my feet. I enjoy the show and I hope your heating came back last night.

    • Mickelson’s swing is long and loose, as is Montgomery’s. It could be argued that a long loose swing is a lot easier on your body as you get older.

      Sam Snead had the perfect prototype of a long loose swing and he had tremendous longevity.

  • Her right big toe Mpt joint is getting crushed before/at & after impact. This injury happens quietly and slowly. There should be 75′ of flexion in the big toe joint and if she keeps this poor right foot work up she’ll have zero.

  • Nick Taylor says:

    Goes to show there’s no right or wrong golf swing, you just need to understand what is going on with the club face.

    • Nick, “no right or wrong way” – on the contrary there is a better way than repeatedly crushing that right big toe / Mpt joint. Once the big toe gets damaged it sets off a whole series of injuries higher up the body. Golf is meant to be fun into our old age but what if you found out too late that there was / is a “wrong way” to utilise your body to swing a golf club?

  • Jim Cunliffe says:

    The (counterbalancing ? ) downswing head movement might lead to inconsistency…but who knows? Perhaps she’s potentially damaging her right toe but, without a pressure mat…..who knows? Assuming she’s got a sharp short game maybe, like Ben Hogan once did, she suffers from an occasional destructive hook with the longer clubs. Clearly the solution is to see where the shots are dropped and work backwards. This illustrates the sheer pointlessness of looking at pictures when launch monitor information and real course data can be analysed. Off to the pub. Cheers.

  • Hi Jim, you don’t need force plates to see she’s crushing that big toe joint but it would help as a back up tool for sure. In recent years Padraig Harrington has copied the happy Gilmore golf swing and also bubba Watson swirls his feet to the right at impact,both styles have ZERO big toe joint stress. You can appreciate that as someone who has been afflicted with this horrendous golf injury I have thought about my golf technique options. In recent weeks we’ve got to see more on t.v of the new method Bryson de Chambeau uses to plays golf. It would appear a good method to prevent lower back trouble too. Wouln’t it be very interesting if there were more Bubbas,Happy Gilmores & Bryson DeCambeaus on tour in the years to come? – hitting long drives, SAFELY!

  • Hallux limitus caused by overpronation and increased weight bearing at the first mpt joint could affect her but unlikely given her age, weight; Given her extensive weight regime this is even less likely to be a factor, See her insta for more evidence of this, Her extension of her left leg is powerful (dramatic) and seems also to alleviate from any overloading of the first mpt joint.

    However, i’d be very surprised given her extension and rotation of the neck to counterbalance her swing that she won’t experience serious neck possibly now but most definitely in the future. The sternocleidomastoid especially will be a problem area as it must have to be contracted for her to have her neck so extended.

  • A full on swing with no holding back. Although incredibly athletic and technically good the effort involved is likely to lead to erratic results. She does not seem to to be swinging within herself! Long term it will not hold up!

  • Comment for Seamus McEnery, mr McEnery I have a hard comprehending and can’t believe in any video of Paige Spiranac your seeing and focused on her big toe.
    To each his own what a Woman Wow!


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