Ping Tech Talks Driver Slice Shot

In this video, Mark discusses with the PING reps the physics behind a ball which slices. Specifically, Mark works with the team at PING on how the body can change and adapt to different styles of swinging the golf club.

Mark initiates a wonderfully interesting dialogue with the PING team in the video above.
When it comes to driving the ball, not slicing the ball is very important and there are many ways to analyze your swing and eliminate your driver slice altogether. At Ping Tech they can analyze the swing using cameras and break it down to degrees and angles at which your club is hitting the ball. This will help you see how you are swinging and give you information into how you should go about changing it.

Using cameras to try and see exactly how your swinging the club when you drive the ball gives you the ability to break down the footage step by step and really see your point of contacts. The angle relation between your hands and the center of the ball plays a big role into the amount of slice you have in your swing. A driver slice is actually created because of an imbalance in the degree at which you swing the golf club. This imbalance is created by various things such as wrist rotation, club placement and even your type of grip.

With a specialized golf club that has transmitters that transmit a signal to the receiver inside the computer and a big screen to simulate you hitting the ball on the course, Ping Tech has the technology to help, your swing.

From that they can run a test where they can pull out your different degrees at different parts in your swing. For instance, they can see how an adjustment that you made with your hand placement could potentially alleviate some of that driver slice that is killing your scores.
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