How Do I Improve My Chipping

In this video, Mark Crossfield discusses the perils of his chipping game as of late. He’s been struggling, and we all know how frustrating it can be to be having a rough go of it around the greens. It has us all wonder, “how do I improve my chipping?”

Let’s take it to the practice area.

In Crossfield’s dissection of his own chipping, he’s narrowed it down to a few areas of concern. He’s been concerned first, with the strike he’s been making with the ball. Crossfield, as he does in all areas of the game, believes in the value of the strike in a major way. He’s been noticing with his chipping, that his strike has not been efficient, leading to a loss in distance control.

That’s what he’s addressed in the “improve my chipping” video above.

When you are looking to improve your chipping, you must understand the two parts of the wedge. The parts of the club that will come in contact with the ground are the bounce of the wedge (the sole or bottom) or the leading edge (the point of the head at the bottom of the face). Understanding which part of the wedge you’re using during contact is important in knowing how to improve.

Crossfield stresses the need in using the bounce during the strike.

Also, when discussing why his chipping has gone south, he talks about the nature of his game. Crossfield, as a player, hits a lot of fairways off the tee. With that, he finds himself hitting a lot of greens from there. He doesn’t hit it close, which means he leaves birdies to be had, but he’s on the greens. This leads to a lack of situational work with his chipping. He’s not doing it on the course, and it’s having an effect on his chipping.

When looking back, Crossfield remembers the days of being a junior golfer. This was when his chipping was at its pinnacle. He remembers not being able to reach par-4s in two, therefore developing a wonderful chipping game, as he found himself chipping situationally on nearly every hole!

So when you’re looking to improve your chipping, seek ways to use the bounce of the club as opposed to the leading edge. And when you want to sharpen your abilities, create games, either with your playing partners, or yourself. Getting chipping work in a situational environment will help you improve your chipping.

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4 comments on “How Do I Improve My Chipping

  • Chip Satterly says:

    Hi Mark!
    You may benefit from a rather “un-conventional” approach that I learned from JH Hensby in Australia.
    He calls it the single fulcrum (trail shoulder) chipping technique.
    It was easy to learn and my chipping skills have vastly improved.
    JH is an expert on human bio-mechanics and all of his swing theory is fascinating.
    I’ll post a link to his youtube channel and specific chipping video.
    There are 2 parts so watch both.
    He is very accessible and I’m sure that he will be willing to correspond with you if you have any questions or comments.

    Best regards,
    Chip Satterly

  • Paul Houghton says:

    I’d like to see more difficult lies Mark. Bare lies, above feet, below feet buried lies there the killers for me…especially at this time of year! Enjoyed your views though.


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