Coach Lockeys Driver Feeling

During a recent trip, Coach Lockey and Mark Crossfield started noticing some issues with Lockey’s driving of the golf ball. After a few errant tee shots and an unsettled disposition, the two got to work in figuring out how to get his drives back in the fairway.

What they were noticing, was that Lockey was having trouble executing his iconic “Lockey flick,” a technique he teaches golfers.

Essentially the “Lockey flick” is the idea of unloading the club very early in the downswing. Now it’s not actually happening the way, but it’s the idea of doing so, the “feeling.” Through this feeling of releasing the club from the top of the backswing, golfers avoid the feeling of getting stuck, where the club gets trapped behind the body in a figurative term during the swing.

What Coach Lockey learned, was that he was unloading the club at the bottom of the swing, therefore giving his body very little time to react to the ball. This led to erratic play.

During their time at PING, they learned that as humans, we have some .40 of a second to react to something, where your eyes can see something and transmit that message to the body. Coach Lockey wasn’t affording his body the chance to react to the ball.

The fix: When delivering the club into the ball, Coach Lockey discusses the term “lowering the handle.” This is the idea of shallowing the club out around impact, leading to a better angle of attack on the ball, especially with the driver.

Crossfield uses the term “working around the pockets,” as an idea of how the hands should work through impact. They should feel as though they are working through from the right pocket to the left pocket on a pair of pants (for right handed golfers). It helps with the idea of lowering the handle of the club.

All of this was in an effort for Coach Lockey to hit a big draw.

But through practicing the drastic, Lockey found a move which helped him improve his driving.

And Coach Lockey got that driver feeling back.


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